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Vision Exam vs Medical Exam

There seems to be some confusion between vision insurance and medical insurance. There is a difference between a routine vision exam and a medical eye exam. There are two types of insurance that will assist in paying for your eye care services and optical products, such as glasses and contacts. Most people tend to have both types of insurance, vision plans and medical insurance.
Some vision plans are VSP, EyeMed and VCD. Examples of medical plans would be Blue cross/blue shield and Medicare. Vision plans cover a routine wellness exam as well as glasses and/or contact lenses. These vision plans do not cover medical eye care such as diagnosis or treatment of eye health problems. In this instance, medical insurance must be used for diagnosis and treatment of eye care.
If the circumstances are such that you do have both types of insurances, it may be necessary to bill services to each. Providers do this coordination of benefits to minimize the patients out of pocket expense. With vision insurance there may be co-pays or non-covered services that will be an out of pocket expense for the patient, as well as deductibles for medical insurance. To be fully prepared to reduce your expenses bring any and all medical and vision insurance cards on your next visit.